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Alibaba provides you an opportunity to promote business through Alibaba Minisite Design on this platform but you need to know the fact that why some companies get more inquiries and strong branding even though you all are listed well with Alibaba ?

Do you know why the main source of business for Chinese companies is Alibaba? One of the most prominent reasons is Alibaba Minisite which showcase your business well and creates solid branding.

Alibaba Minisite design by us will have company profile in-depth, infrastructure, item showcase, certifications, language translation option and soon. See our portfolio to recognize exactly how we layout as well as which advantages you will obtain once your business is come up to minisite style.


To advertise your products on Alibaba, it needs to upload them with as many possible details to share your buyers, so that they can make up their mind for item acquisition and strategy you. The process to offer the items with the in-depth details including different selling specifications like product names,

Personalized thumbnail design (images), relevant key phrases selection, categories, comprehensive description (product description, trade/logistic info, relevant group option etc.) is called as product uploading. Many Gold suppliers are asking this question to us. And our reply is “Yes”, but in that case you need to acquire enough time, resources and expertise to get the desired ranking. Getting gold membership and putting up some products on Alibaba will not serve your purpose and even not able to get ROI. Alibaba has applied a complex algorithm over a period to incur a high quality score for your product posting that needs to meet tons of requirements to make your posting complete in all ways and to rank high above your competitors. And this can be done with dedicated and skilled efforts only. This is the reason, many individuals, companies and even freelancers fail to achieve their business goal through this platform.


RFQ is a hot buzzword for active users and still many Gold members are unaware of this big opportunity to meet their prospective buyers on this platform. RFQ means Request for Quotation, where buyers can raise their requirement to global suppliers and through RFQ submission; sellers can offer their competitive quote (complete product information along with pricing terms and shipping.)

RFQ is posted by the buyer, which is reviewed by Alibaba’s industry expert before publishing. RFQ is high quality buying request than a general inquiry because it is screened by the experts before publishing or delivering the quote.

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